Our purpose is to make sure you do your best work.

None of our team members said when I grow up, I want to contribute to the accounts payable landscape; yet here we are, creating a system for companies ranging from the early start-up to the 11-figure number-crunchers.

What makes us wake up excited about DocLib is that we’re a like-minded group aligned with keeping our values in the foreground.



Here’s the DocLib approach:

No matter the industry, people are at the core. We seek to find what will help serve people, which–in turn–will make their teams and organizations stronger. While some processes can be automated, serving long-term clients is crafted with an empathetic and tailored lens.

Speaking of tailored lenses … we do this right from the start with our sales process. We provide a birds-eye demo of DocLib, followed by an out-of-the-box, custom demo, once we learn more about your team’s needs. We listen, we strategize, and we tweak.

Our team thrives with kind and honest feedback + room to express and test new ideas. The internal team’s radical candor enables us to propel forward and continue updating at a rapid pace.

We believe in our software. And, we also know that every team history is different, which leads to a different interaction when introducing a new software with big promises. We build a passionate approach to ensure that we can hear your team’s pain points and needs, delivering the best success strategies to your DocLib experience.

It’s required when working with clients in over 18 countries. We get stuff done.

Long-term, professional relationships are the goal: for our team and our clients. We look to find ways to adapt and flourish with the ever-changing needs of our clients.

The faces behind the screen:

Our team is peppered throughout the United States: seasoned pros that come together virtually to help your team succeed.


Stephen Rosenthal

CEO + Owner


Gary Pasky



Jeshal Mistry

Director of Finance & Director of People & Culture


Justin Gavin

R&D Manager


Marcus Peterson

Development Manager


Melissa Sin

Solutions Engineer


Scott Jones

Project Manager


Steven Snyder

Systems Engineer


Michael Reichenbach

Account Executive


Vanessa Ngirdimau

Marketing Manager


Joseph Boccella

Software Developer


Ryan McHugh

Project Lead