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Accounts payable

DocLib is a software solution to tackle the nitty-gritty, time-sludging processes that often distract you from your team’s best work.

…And provide you with dreamy accounts payable processes.

Before DocLib
After DocLib

To Do List Before DocLib

  • Route invoices for approval to managers and executives
  • Key invoices into our ERP
  • Follow up with approvers to ensure they review in time
  • Manage credit holds with suppliers and attempt to keep from interrupting production
  • Maintain a spreadsheet of various invoices still in process with variances in the 3-way match
  • Work with purchasing and receiving to pull together all the documentation to make decisions on a 3-way match discrepancy
  • Look up credit terms in ERP to prioritize invoices eligible for discounts with early payment
  • Sift through filing cabinets to find supplier documents
  • Struggle with auditors in explaining the history of various random transactions
  • Manage exceptions to our automated process
  • Spend time doing valuable work such as building relationships with suppliers, targeting areas of increased savings
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Swoop in as the executive team’s tech-savvy hero.

“Document management is foundational but can be burdensome from a support perspective, so one thing I like about the QAD platform is the browsing functionality and how easy it is to get data out of the system. We’ve been able to eliminate the process of manually compiling documents. Our customer service representatives can capitalize on those time savings to grow sales and build customer relationships.

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Eliminate the grunt work that dominates your time.

“With DocLib, we've achieved 86% touchless processing, and we’re able to stay current on our GRNI. Our purchasing, operations, shipping, and receiving run more efficiently, and supplier account management is more streamlined. DocLib gives us the freedom to make better choices in where we spend our time and helps us build better relationships with our suppliers. I have always been glad that we made that decision to go with DocLib.”

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Add more dough in your company’s bank
(we’re not talking pastries).

“Before DocLib, our AP team worked 12 hours of overtime each week and still found ourselves 60-75 days behind in processing invoices. DocLib has made our AP team more efficient and has allowed us to achieve 78% touchless invoice processing. We can pay our vendors early to receive a discount, reducing our AP expenses. We saved $400k in just 7 months, which more than offsets the cost of DocLib, and our management team has been shocked and very happy.