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Top 3 Benefits of QAD AP Automation

Accounts Payable
March 9th, 2020

Automation has grown rapidly in popularity and visibility for accounting specifically in the Accounts Payable department. Any manufacturer running QAD without a third-party automation tool, relies on a heavily manual, paper-based process requiring enormous amounts of time and effort.

This results in a variety of important challenges including:

  • Lack of visibility into the AP process & cash flow
  • Delayed approvals without enough information to make informed decisions
  • Manual entry into either QAD SE Voucher Maintenance or QAD EE Supplier Invoice Create
  • Manual 3-Way matching for PO based invoices with increasing complexity

As a manager or senior executive, a selection of an ERP system can be one of the top strategic moves you make within a 10-year period. Many companies have migrated their focus onto agile, adaptive solutions such as QAD over the top players like SAP or Oracle. After this sort of monumental selection, it is incredibly important the rest of your related applications fall in line with this core product. A streamlined & integrated suite of applications should be a top priority. Consider support, version upgrading, end user experience, synchronization, and infrastructure during your architecting this suite of apps. Without a commitment to integrated apps, your organization will suffer with silos of non-integrated information resulting in poor leverage of major application investments.

Any tenured executive in a manufacturing organization can relate to the headaches, long nights, and stress precipitated by non-integrated systems. No integration looks like a lack of visibility, analytics, or clarity of important business insights. Critical decisions or strategic moves are made half-blind! Do not settle, begin with the end in mind.

#1 Automated Approval Routing

Automotive manufacturers are one of the core industries in which QAD has excelled. Manufacturing is the hallmark of QAD’s history which has naturally extended to PICS as a core, long-term partner of QAD. We have had the pleasure of working with QAD’s top automotive customers including a decade long relationship with Nexteer Automotive.

Nexteer has a core value of delighting its customers and views their internal relationships and relationships with their vendors/partners as key strategies in offering this sort of delight to customers. Automated approval routing and efficiency in the entire approval process of invoices is one-way Nexteer decided to not only delight their staff but also cut down on the enormous waste associated with incorrect, uneducated decision making.

The primary driver for the approval routing project at Nexteer was better turnaround time of their invoices and a real-time understanding of their payable’s liability. Another automotive manufacturer achieved 6-8 hours reduction in time spent closing out each period (month, quarter, or year) through using DocLib to gain real-time visibility into payables.

Nexteer needed predictable turnaround times for their invoices to maximize cash flow and pay their invoices efficiently within the terms of their agreements. This reaped massive benefits for them and made both their staff and bottom line happy.

# 2 Workflow Visibility

Filtration Group Corporation is another core client for PICS DocLib and like Nexteer, implemented a workflow to manage their Accounts Payable process within QAD. The primary driver for an automation project at their company was the challenges associated with managing a scattered team across the USA. They were having trouble managing a decentralized invoicing process for various sites. DocLib AP PO & No-PO based Invoice Workflows were implemented to increase the bandwidth of their corporate AP staff. This will enable Filtration Group to bring all invoice processing into a shared service model.

In order to perform this type of automated process, they needed the software to do all the heavy lifting of 3-way matching, GL coding, & transaction creation while their staff only managed by exception. With an automated process, they can automatically track the invoice through the business and get clear insight into the different steps taken by either the automated workflow or by various users. This would empower their staff to accurately and efficiently handle exceptions.

An added benefit of a shared service model for Accounts Payable is easy onboarding of acquired companies. Filtration Group could effectively bring new sites up on QAD and incorporate each invoicing process into the automated workflow reducing the learning curve for processing AP at new acquisitions.

#3 QAD Transaction Creation

The number one reason any customer buys from PICS is because of the integration to QAD. There are 30+ points of integration throughout both the automated PO & No-PO based invoice workflows. DocLib is the solution used by each of the QAD customers mentioned thus far and they all rely heavily on the QAD integration provided by the DocLib standard workflows.

Walbro is an example of a company effectively implementing a strategy for what I call the “Human+ Worker”. Upon implementing QAD and working in the system for many years, Walbro became intimately aware of the manual AP process required by the QAD application and decided to look for a partner to automate this process specifically for their QAD SE environment. The manual process underutilized the staff in their AP department, so they decided to search for ways to augment the output of the highly intelligent, capable members of their AP staff.

Walbro decided to choose the only QAD Solution Partner in the market offering a robust, out-of-the-box solution to automate manual AP processes. Since this project, Walbro has also implemented an automated expense reporting process into their DocLib workflow engine and have also taken advantage of the forms solution in the DocLib suite of applications.


Nexteer Automotive, Filtration Group, & Walbro all are long-time QAD users and have invested heavily in QAD as their system of record. As they have used the solution, they decided to further leverage their ERP investment by taking advantage of the robust partner program and third-party solutions offered in the QAD ecosystem.

DocLib has decades-long history of stable out-of-the-box integration into QAD and has been specifically designed for the Accounts Payable process. The DocLib team has built their careers in the QAD space and are passionate about the progress QAD users can experience by using an automated workflow engine for AP.

To get a look and feel for the solution directly related to each of the categories we outlined in this post, check out the following webinar:

Top 3 Benefits of QAD AP Automation Webinar

To learn more about the DocLib AP Automation Workflows and how it can work within your business, contact DocLib today at 609-702-3900.

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