ta 9 MUST READ Benefits of Order Processing Automation Software

9 MUST-READ Benefits of Order Processing Automation Software

Order processing automation
May 25th, 2018

The truth is, if you are still stuck using outdated, manual order processing you are at a disadvantage.

How your business is processing sales orders directly affects your “order to cash” process. You are needlessly risking your overall profitability, customer satisfaction, and your company’s reputation.

Order processing automation software solutions are designed to save businesses time, increase profits, and enhance customer service.

Order processing automation software, also referred to as “sales order automation,” is a software tailored to save businesses time by automating a significant part of the sales process—the order process.

With proper online sales order software, your business can enjoy the following 9 benefits and use them to boost both profits and customer service.

Let’s look at the top benefits of implementing order processing automation software into your organization.


The Top 9 Benefits of Order Processing Automation Software

Benefit #1: Improve Your Customer Service

The first benefit of order processing automation software focuses on the simple fact that your organization’s customer service will improve. Since your order processing software integrates with your production-associated system, your sales reps have immediate access to all important customer account information.

They do not have to make phone calls to office staff when on a sales call. Rather than spending time navigating through mountains of paperwork, your sales team can focus on providing the best quality of service to your customers with all the information regarding their account at their fingertips.

Create a Sense of Ownership for Your Customers

With order processing automation software, the need to call a sales rep or customer service center for fundamental services is a thing of the past. Basic questions and ordering can take up valuable time for both parties involved. Your customers want to know what is happening with their order in real time. At the bare minimum, they want to change their order without having to jump through hoops to achieve their desired goal.

With sales order automation, customers have access to their own order processing portal. Your customers can place their own orders, look up inventory, check on the status of their orders, and be informed about the status of their account, all without the need to call customer service or a sales rep. Automating your ordering process allows customers control over their own accounts.

Benefit #2: Eliminate Manual Entry Time

One of the most time-consuming issues both customers and sales professionals face is the vast amount of paperwork necessary to close a sale and ensure the best customer service.

Sales order automation intercepts your customers’ orders, verifies they are correct, and enters them directly into your ERP system. This prevents the need to continually re-enter information, like contact info. Also, with sales order automation you eliminate the need to enter information into multiple areas of your internal software and/or your warehouse management system.

With order processing software you take the meticulous, repetitive work of data entry off the shoulders of your busy customer service department. This allows them additional time to spend on more pertinent, engaging tasks where they can bring more value to your company.

Benefit #3: Eliminate Errors in Order Processing

A related benefit for incorporating order processing automation software into your department is the reduction in human error. The more orders your department has coming from multiple channels, the higher the margin for error when taking orders manually.

With an automated sales order automation system, you have direct access to the centralized information relating to the inventory and warehouses. This reduces the errors, loss of data and eliminates a data security breach, as there is less manual intervention.

Benefit #4: Reduce Your Accounting Costs

Data entry takes time and, as the popular saying goes, “Time is money!” It costs money to pay your employees to transfer information manually from sales sheets and order forms into your warehouse management software.

With order processing software, you can reduce your accounting costs. Quality order processing software reduces the time and therefore the associated with manual entry. Also, your department now experiences the added benefit of a reduced need for management to revise manual data entry due to boosted accuracy.

Cost Reductions Through Order Accuracy

Improved order accuracy can also lead to considerable cost savings. These savings can lead to our sales order automation software paying for itself within the first few months of use, especially when it comes to a reduction in costs associated with incorrect or late orders.

Benefit #5 Increase Your Data Control

To make mistakes is human.

If your sales reps are physically entering and holding order forms until they hand them into your office, errors will occur.

When customers expect one thing, but cannot review their order until the information has been transferred from the sales rep into the accounting system, misunderstandings will happen.

These are all moments where you lose control of your data.

However, automatic integration between order processing software and your business accounting and warehouse management systems, means you gain significant control of your data!

You reduce the opportunity for data errors, data loss, and data security breaches because data passes through fewer hands. With a customer portal for tracking and reviewing orders online, you reduce the opportunity for misunderstandings between you and your customers.

Benefit #6 Pricing Validation

Using sales order automation software you can systematically compare the customer purchase order price to the true price and highlight and address differences.

For example, a sales order is made via fax, paper, email. Your sales order processing automation software automatically captures the image and all of the order information contained within like materials, quantity, customer number, etc. That data is automatically matched to the information found within your system and validated for discrepancies before moving forward.

This allows you to catch any differences as soon as the order arrives in order to avoid bottlenecks down the line and keep your order processing as streamlined as possible.

Benefit #7 Get Faster Shipping

With order processing automation software adopted by your organization, you can send orders straight to your warehouse with no need to re-key the order. This added efficiency helps your department to lower warehouse costs, reduce error,s and increase order-to-ship time.

An added benefit aside from a quicker shipping of your company’s physical product is that both customers and sales reps can see shipping confirmations and track info in real time.

Benefit #8 Process Orders from Anywhere

Sales order automation software gives your organization the opportunity to process orders from anywhere on the planet. With online order processing, your target selling location is limited only to two primary factors: your product shipping region and the prices your customers will willingly pay to receive your product wherever they live.  

Benefit #9 Improve the Happiness of Your Department

And last, but not least—your staff. The final benefit for order processing software we will cover in this article is an increased happiness and well-being for the people that make up your department.

At the end of the day, it’s the staff who make up your department who will contribute in growing your company and helping it to succeed.

By reducing the hours spent on tedious data entry, there will be more opportunity for time and energy spent on work with a higher ROI for your company.

Thanks to an increase in accuracy, your staff will also receive fewer customer complaints. This will also help to improve the morale of your customer service department.

Use sales order automation to take away your department’s most common annoyances. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to win their support.


Automation of order entry, regardless of the format, is often the best starting point if you’re seeking to make improvements within your organization.

As these 9 benefits show, order processing automation software gives your organization the ability to cut costs while increasing quality, customer service, and the morale of the staff who make up your department. For you, your department, and your customers, sales order automation is a move toward greater productivity.

If you want to learn more about how you can apply these benefits to your department, schedule an appointment to learn more about DocLib’s order processing automation software.

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