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PICS Managed Outsourced Optical Character Recognition Services allow employees to focus on core business processes and eliminates the need for them to build new document definitions, verify documents or create new templates related to the common OCR processes and functions. All of this is included in a monthly, cost-effective Service.

Here is how Managed OCR works for you:
Documents and images containing printed or typed text are converted into digital data through the use of Optical Character Recognition technology. As the OCR documents are generated, our team of experts will index the required document values; such as invoice number, invoice date, amount, and more. This service saves your team time and lowers department operation expenses by leveraging cost-effective resources to provide data verification prior to processing the documents into DocLib.

Header, Footer, and Line Level OCR

In addition to the Header, Footer data mentioned above, PICS Managed Outsourced OCR can also perform Line Level OCR. Line Level OCR is typically used for DocLib Sales Order Automation. Line Level OCR can index line level data from your Customer Purchase Orders including item number, unit of measure, price, and quantity regardless of the format of the Purchase Order. With PICS Managed Outsourced OCR Services, all of these functions will be performed by our team of OCR experts.

Double Key and Verify

PICS Managed Outsourced OCR Services employ a “Double Key and Verify Method” to index the document. Data from the same images are captured by two different sets of operators and a third set of operators digitally compare these files to rectify any errors with reference to the image. Three people will review and index your documents significantly increasing accuracy

Fast, Scalable Implementation

Implement into your business right away to realize the benefits. Managed Outsourced OCR eliminates the need for document verification, user training, testing and setup of the overall implementation of an OCR solution. New DocLib Users can benefit from a reduced project implementation timeline and existing users can quickly upgrade to Outsourced OCR Services without missing a beat with current processing.

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Achieve rapid ROI with low monthly costs based on your actual document volume.

Rapid implementation gets you up and running with OCR Services in just a few days.

Extend resources and free up your employees to focus on more important tasks.

Gain peace of mind with our available audit reporting.

Increase efficiency with a true, ‘Zero Touch’ paperless office


  • Email connector enables documents to flow automatically from your email server into DocLib Workflow.
  • Use your existing scanners and drag and drop folders to submit images.
  • Same day document turnaround time. 
  • Header, footer, and Line Level document indexing.
  • Higher accuracy on indexed fields.
  • Dedicated, secure FTP server to transmit documents.
  • Double Key & Verify – Three people reviewing and indexing.

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