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5 Ways Mobile Approvals can further streamline your Business Processes

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May 14th, 2019

The logical next step in automating your Business Processes is the provide your organization’s users the ability to perform approvals for documents and document packets sent to them via Mobile Devices such as Smartphones and Tablet.  This article highlights 5 ways implementing Mobile Approvals can further streamline your Automated Business Processes

#1 Reaching the ‘Road Warriors’

If your organization is typical, most managers/approvers are not spending 8-hour days at their desks in front of their desktop.  They are visiting customers, suppliers, business partners, on the shop floor, in airports, hotels, and tradeshows.  Imagine a critical Purchase Requisition that needs this manager’s approval immediately or a Supplier Invoice that needs to be expedited in order to keep a production line from shutting down.  Expecting a manager to boot up a laptop, connect to the internet, log into the approval application, review and perform the approval in a timely fashion is not realistic.  Mobile Approvals reach these ‘Road Warriors’ wherever they may be and provides them a secure, fast way to review approvals and move them through the process.

# 2 Sometimes Simple is Better

Business Process Automation solutions can become complex due to the complexity of the process you are automating.  However, an approval step within the process does not need to be complex.  This step requires the review of a manager/approver and their input is simple – ‘Approve or Reject’.   Pushing this approval document or document packet to the approver with this simple input request is a perfect application for a Mobile App.

#3 Limited or no need to Train

As stated above, most managers/approvers are not spending the bulk of their time in the office.  They also do not necessarily need to learn the details of a complex Business Process Automation implementation. They need to know the problem the implementation is solving and how it will be done but their role in the process is simple; Approve or Reject a document or document packet.  Accomplishing this on a Mobile Device with simple screens enables them to complete this task without having to attend training classes and learning a complex solution.  With a Mobile Approval App, they simply log on, view the documents sent to them, click approve or reject and move on.

#4 Fast and Correct Decisions

In order to make the correct decision, all relevant information and documents need to be provided to the approver on one screen.  Any Business Process Automation solution worth its salt will provide the ability to attach relevant supporting documents to the document that needs to be approved.  A great example of this is a Supplier Invoice.  For a manager/approver to approve an invoice, they need to know:

  • Has the material been received?
  • Have the correct quantities been received?
  • Has the material passed QA?
  • Is there a pricing discrepancy between the Supplier’s Invoice and the Purchase Order?

Providing supporting documents in a packet along with easy access to the metadata or keywords for the document enables the manager/approver to make a fast and correct decision to the approver or reject the document.

#5 No More Excuses

A Mobile Approval App ‘pushes’ the documents to the approver.  The documents will always be there in the application waiting for the approver to review and approve/reject.  There are now no more excuses that the manager/approver did not see the approval or cannot log into an application to approve it.  Within minutes that critical approval is complete which can literally avoid a potential disaster.

How DocLib Can Help

DocLib allows you to make key business decisions on the go without compromising the information needed to make the best decision possible. With our software, you can eliminate endless waiting on approvers to return from travel, manually routing documents to managers, sorting through scores of documents, inaccessibility to key documentation, and pesky reminders of pending approvals.

DocLib Mobile Approvals can save your company time and money, as well as improve process turnaround time.

To learn more about Mobile Approvals and how it can work within your business, contact DocLib today at 609-702-3900.

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